Super-Wide™ Monster Straw® Brand Smoothie Straws!
These are Assorted Neon Wide-Diameter, Super-Sturdy™ Monster Straw Brand® Shake & Smoothie Straws 
featuring individual wrap.  Made of the purest and sturdiest grade of PBA Chemical-Free polypropelyne, Neon Monster Straws® won't clog or collapse and are guaranteed to improve ease and enjoyment of your frozen-blended treats. Try them today!  If It's Not A Monster Straw®, It's Not A Smoothie Straw!

The Original Smooth Sipping Shake & Smoothie Straw, and The First Introduced to Market!
Monster Straws are Wide Diameter and Sturdy For Clog- and Collapse-Free Enjoyment of Shakes, Smoothies and Slushy's! This Washable and Re-Usable 35 Pack Will Last For Months.  Available in Bulk Cases For Your Shop or Restaurant!

• 1/2 Inch Wide - For Sipping Ease.
• 9 Inch Length - 1 1/2 Inches Longer than Standard Straws.
• Triple Sturdy Walls - Collapse Free.
• 6-Assorted Neon Colors - Neon Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow & Orange.
• Individually Wrapped - Sanitary For On The Go!
• Re-Sealable Poly Bag - Easy Storage.
• BPA Chemical Free! - No Leaching!
 Flat-Ended! - No sharp ends or rough edges.
• Imprinted With The Cool Monster Straw® Logo,
  Stamp of Highest Quality & Care. 
* Dishwasher Friendly - Specially Treated To Easily Wash After Use or 
   Dispose of Properly. 

• Fruity Smoothies
• Thick Milkshakes
• Icy Slushies
• Ice-Blended Coffees
• Any Frozen, Blended Drink!

Also Great as:

• Health Drink Straws
• Rehab Straws
• Elder Care Straws
 Cake Stands
• Crafts
• 1/2 Inch Wide x  9.25 Inch Length
• 35 Count/PolyBag 
• Cello Wrapped
• Assorted Neon Colors
• BPA Chemical Free   
• Washable & Reusable

x35 - $6.75
x1750 - $105.50
x3500  - $168.50