Reusable Monster Spoon Straws™! 
These are the Original SPOON Wide-Diameter, Super-Sturdy™, Monster Straw Brand® Neon Smoothie Straws!  
They are the first spoon smoothie straw introduced to the market & are excluxively manufactured & sold by The 
Monster Straw Company.  Made of the purest and sturdiest grade of PBA chemical free polypropelyne, Neon Monster Straws® won't clog or collapse & are guaranteed to improve enjoyment & increase sales of your frozen 
blended treats. Try Monster Straw® Brand.  Your customers will love you for it!  

Introducing The Worlds' First Wide Diameter Spoon Smoothie Straw, The Monster Spoon 
Straw!!  A First and Exclusively By The Monster Straw Company!  The Convenient 
Spoon Is Great for Scooping Thick Milkshakes, Smoothie Bowls and Slushy's!
* Spoon Tip - The First Ever Introduced!
* 1/2 Inch Wide - Consumer Tested As Most Comfortable Wide Diameter Sip.
* 9 Inch Length - Fits Standard 12 and 16 oz. Cups
* Sturdiest Walls For Collapse Free Enjoyment.
​* 6-Assorted Neon Colors - Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow and Orange.
• Packaged In A Clear Poly Bag For Easy Storage.
• BPA and Chemical Free! No Chemical Leaching!
• Monster Straw Brand Stands For The Highest Quality and Customer Care. 
• Disposable Or Wash After Use. Dishwasher Friendly. 
• Smoothies
• Milkshakes
• Slushies
• Ice-Blended Coffees
• Or Frozen, Blended Treats!

Also Great as:
• Health Drink Straws
• Rehab Straws
• Elder Care Straws
​• 6-Color Assorted Neon
• 1/2 Inch Wide
• Spoon Tip 
• Individually Wrapped  
• Poly-Bagged • BPA Chemical Free   • Washable & Reusable

POLY BAG / x35 Count                   $7.75
10.5" Long
9" Long
CARTON / x1750 Count             $115.50
CARTON / x3500 Count             $178.50
Hang Pack / x20 Count