"You can get milkshakes to actually come 
through them!" By lookjack - April 21, 2011 

 “… if you're into malts and shakes that are thick this is going to make that experience something special." By Cobra on July 11, 2014
Monster Straws™ are wide-diameter, sturdy "smoothie straws" created especially for frozen blended treats! Premium Monster Straws™ won't clog or collapse, so you can enjoy free-flow drinking of smoothies, milkshakes, slushy's and frozen blended coffee's without blockage by ice particles, fruit chunk and super-thick mixes. 
Adults & kids both love Monster Straws™! Kids love 
their trendy appeal. Adults love their practicality. 
So wake up your smoothies and ice-blended 
treats by replacing those puny and inadequate 
soda straws with one designed for delicious frozen 
drinks and treats.
Try Monster Straws™! 
Your customers will love you for it!
What are Monster Straws™?