Monster Straws™are 1/2 Inch Super-Wide™, Super-Sturdy™ 
Milkshake and Smoothie Straws.  They are designed to easily 
suck up thick frozen and ice blended drinks!  Monster Straw
are clog- and collapse-free and prevent seperation of ice from
juice in slushie's and ice blended coffee's. Great for today's green leafy drinks, too!  Enjoy pure sipping ease and 
relaxation!  They even make the drink taste better! Adults and kids both love Monster Straw® Brand! 
Kids love their colors and trendiness. Adults 
love their practicality. Both love the smooth 
sipping appeal! So wake up your frozen blended 
drink and replace those puny soda straws with a 
straw designed specially for frozen blended treats!

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What Are Monster Straws?