Monster Straw® are Super-Wide™ Super-Sturdy™ Shake and Smoothie Straws specially designed for thick delicious frozen 
drinks and ice-blended treats! Monster Straw® Brand are 1/2 inch wide with thick walls! Perfect for sucking up the thickest shakes, 
the chunkiest smoothies, the iciest slushies and the chilliest iced-blended coffees! No more frustration from clogged or collapsing straws, just pure sipping (or gulping!) ease and enjoyment!. Adults and kids both love Monster Straw® Brand! Kids love their trendy appeal. Adults love their practicality. Both love the smooth sipping ease! So wake up your frozen blended 
treat by replacing those puny soda straws with a straw 
that was specially designed for delicious frozen drinks. 

                 Try Monster Straw® Brand Today! You'll LOVE 'em!
What Is a Monster Straw®?