Monster Straws are Super-Wide™, Super-Sturdy™ Premium,
Neon Milkshake & Smoothie Straws designed to easily suck 
up thick, frozen and ice-blended drinks!  Double-strong, 
Monster Straws are guaranteed to be clog-, collapse- and 
frustration free increasing sipping ease and relaxing 
Monster Straws are not a Jumbo straw (like the green ones 
at the coffee cafe) or a Giant straw (like the red-striped 
ones at the burger place) and not a Boba Bubble 
Tea straw (flimsy, sharp, and thin for liquid 
iced-tea).  And they definitely are not cheap 
imitations that take your money and don't work!  
Monster Straws are the only true milkshake and 
smoothie straw: bigger, longer and stronger, with 
added features for your drinking pleasure!
What Are Monster Straws®?
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